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09:25 AM Bug Tracker Bug #1208 (Resolved): ATU Shelves spawning gear not books
The bookshelves in the ATU are spawning gold and items, sometimes multiple items, instead of books.
Perhaps also tie...


11:59 AM Bug Tracker Bug #1005 (Resolved): New Character Creation Area and Custom Race Creation
When making a custom race character, you are booted for the changes to take effect.
When you log back you, you can...


05:21 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1000: mehiginus Tree
Tested mehiginus trees on another server. Confirmed spawning regularly and respawning shortly after (not sure on exa...


09:05 AM Bug Tracker Bug #991: Difference in date across servers
I tested all servers too, each is in sync except Mikona, which is a day behind.


11:15 PM Bug Tracker Bug #984: New Character Creation Area Missing
I see the start area now, I can confirm at least for me that it is all there and I am likely just a moron.


05:33 PM Bug Tracker Bug #984 (Closed): New Character Creation Area Missing
The cool new starting area for new characters is not on any server I tested anymore.
Tested Mikona, Elysia, Wilds an...


07:35 PM Bug Tracker Bug #943 (New): Basic Ration Kit (Healkit +3) Losing Healkit Ability
I had a stack of four Basic Ration Kit (Healkit +3) and noticed that they no longer have the heal kit ability, no spe...


01:48 PM Bug Tracker Bug #350 (Resolved): Crop rats do not spawn for lowbie quests Elysia
The wheat quest and the dye quest cannot be completed due to no spawns of crop rats in the following two areas:


10:23 AM Bug Tracker Bug #274 (Resolved): You are able to claim flags message.
Was discussing this in IRC, the Order robes giving the "You are able to claim flags" message when equipping and Gorgo...

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