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09:50 PM Bug Tracker Bug #487: Epic Level Cleric Holy Symbol not casting Legion of Faith
Check the wiki entry for clerics out for the cleric holy symbols and what they are supposed to do: http://wiki.avlis...


10:09 AM Bug Tracker Bug #264: M'Chek -> Wilderness double trans
Does this still occur? It could have been related to server uptime in the past or a module issue but was so long ago...


07:44 PM Bug Tracker Bug #427: Summon I Raven summons Parakeet instead
This should be a pretty easy fix.. resman version needs to be fixed and replaced. There is no ext4 version.


10:09 PM Bug Tracker Bug #289 (Resolved): Items with on use ioun stone power no longer work after most recent update
With the latest update, items with on use ioun stone power no longer work. Normal ioun stones work fine but if it ha...


03:43 PM Bug Tracker Bug #229: P-chests empty
checked db for current chests by tag and there are no items assigned. looked for any old tags to old chests for item...


10:13 AM Bug Tracker Bug #46: Jail's Glasses
This appears to be working now on the wilderness server. Using the glass gives total books read and weekly total. S...
09:39 PM Bug Tracker Bug #47: Intimate emote category in radial menu missing all options
I can toggle the Block or Allow intimate emotes and the toggle changes. I can only assume that bit works at least.


07:11 PM Bug Tracker Bug #47 (In Progress): Intimate emote category in radial menu missing all options
Intimate emote category is missing all options from the radial menu. Now I'll never be able to have hawt cyber with ...

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