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12:59 PM Bug Tracker Bug #590 (Closed): Getting evil points when doing good deeds
Closed as resolved as JWhite confirmed this was not a current problem. (have not been able to reproduce the bug)
12:55 PM Bug Tracker Bug #316 (Closed): Deglos crashes on incoming portals (Bug 12624 from Javaforge Tracker)
closing for now as, a year later, things continue to be relatively stable between worlds now.


07:22 PM Bug Tracker Bug #253 (Closed): advanced kits not taking reprocessed parts
Closed as resolved.
3/27/19 - Worked with Teleniel on live to re-test the advanced kits with reprocessed materials...
09:22 AM Bug Tracker Bug #153: Sticking open hidden door
I've checked in with AA to see if this is still a problem. She's going to check the door again and let us know.


11:04 AM Bug Tracker Bug #624 (Closed): NPC hostiling me for doing nothing
JWhite confirmed this is no longer a problem and we can close this bug report as resolved.
09:55 AM Bug Tracker Bug #249 (Resolved): Shadow dancer companion's darkness broke PCs stealth + invis
Unable to reproduce.
Used Shadow Companion in several fights on several levels in Marazdin Mines, Deglos ...
08:50 AM Bug Tracker Bug #179 (Resolved): Items disappear from Inv after shifting
unable to recreate. this may have been a timing issue between the time of the last save and the re-log.
08:48 AM Bug Tracker Bug #212 (Resolved): Sales Table in ANRA
Confirmed this had been fixed somewhere along the way and is no longer a problem.
08:33 AM Bug Tracker Bug #113: Setting lycan default form to animal breaks hybrid form
I verified this bug is still accurate/active as of 3/26/2019


02:38 PM Bug Tracker Bug #171 (Closed): drop off chest not and precisous goods chest working in the wemic house
Closed as Resolved.
I confirmed with Mhogar on 3/11/2019 that these items were resolved somewhere along the way.

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