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01:26 PM Bug Tracker Bug #820 (Closed): Pisonics and Lycanthrophy don't play nice together
I don't know what the problems are, but the outcome desired is for a character to be able to play a character ...
01:23 PM Bug Tracker Bug #819 (New): fixing hot keys for lycan/shadowdancer
some of the shadowdancer abilities are fine and others stay on your hotkeys after you shift to lycan form. I don't kn...
12:50 PM Bug Tracker Bug #278 (Closed): Werespider chat commands
somewhere along the way this was fixed. I have a were-spider and the animal and hybrid commands both work as they're ...


05:23 PM Bug Tracker Bug #662 (New): Toymaker's House Quest Dungeon Appears either broken or incomplete.
In Mikona Slums there is a Toymaker's house that's a really cool little dungeon.
As you read through the 'lost' p...
08:44 AM Bug Tracker Bug #661 (New): Weird Side-Effect of using the radial dial in Ferrell
On Ferrell in the FEAT cave: When I tried to use the radial dial on Auryna to change the summon creature options, the...


11:33 AM Bug Tracker Bug #413: Summerleaf Alchemy table lacks crafting script
Confirmed the alchemy table in question is located next to Delithi Melitafer the alchemist who is a quest giver. Whil...

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