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10:28 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1225 (In Progress): exit the back of couches in SeaFarer Apnt 5
I don't know if the other couches have a problem, but every seat on every couch in apnt #5 of SeaFarers has yo...


11:33 PM Bug Tracker Bug #662: Toymaker's House Quest Dungeon Appears either broken or incomplete.
would be super great if someone would be willing to finish this place out. it gets groups stumped looking for the key...


12:59 PM Bug Tracker Bug #590 (Closed): Getting evil points when doing good deeds
Closed as resolved as JWhite confirmed this was not a current problem. (have not been able to reproduce the bug)
12:55 PM Bug Tracker Bug #316 (Closed): Deglos crashes on incoming portals (Bug 12624 from Javaforge Tracker)
closing for now as, a year later, things continue to be relatively stable between worlds now.


07:22 PM Bug Tracker Bug #253 (Closed): advanced kits not taking reprocessed parts
Closed as resolved.
3/27/19 - Worked with Teleniel on live to re-test the advanced kits with reprocessed materials...
09:22 AM Bug Tracker Bug #153: Sticking open hidden door
I've checked in with AA to see if this is still a problem. She's going to check the door again and let us know.


11:04 AM Bug Tracker Bug #624 (Closed): NPC hostiling me for doing nothing
JWhite confirmed this is no longer a problem and we can close this bug report as resolved.
09:55 AM Bug Tracker Bug #249 (Resolved): Shadow dancer companion's darkness broke PCs stealth + invis
Unable to reproduce.
Used Shadow Companion in several fights on several levels in Marazdin Mines, Deglos ...
08:50 AM Bug Tracker Bug #179 (Resolved): Items disappear from Inv after shifting
unable to recreate. this may have been a timing issue between the time of the last save and the re-log.
08:48 AM Bug Tracker Bug #212 (Resolved): Sales Table in ANRA
Confirmed this had been fixed somewhere along the way and is no longer a problem.

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