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08:07 AM Bug Tracker Bug #65 (Resolved): Transition at Lower Mt Geritri causes NWN Client to crash when I'm loaded with ores
Tizmo confirmed he was unable to reproduce this bug at the present time. Closed as resolved.


06:32 PM Bug Tracker Bug #207 (Closed): Cannot check out of City Gate Inn Room
this player no longer has a room at the city gate inn; current resident does not have a problem. resolved for now.


04:02 PM Bug Tracker Bug #258 (Closed): Ferrell & Wilderness Glowmoss different
03:59 PM Bug Tracker Bug #258: Ferrell & Wilderness Glowmoss different
I confirmed with Glora on 3/6/19 that ROTE no longer has this problem. She also tested freshly gathered glow-moss fro...


03:20 PM Bug Tracker Bug #176: Custom traps not setting on Mikona
Elradra as Rade tested this with me on 3/6/2019 and we were able to recreate this. Custom darkness trap did not set o...
02:43 PM Bug Tracker Bug #166 (Closed): Shifter dying shifted, health set to -81, healing not possible
Closing this now as an aged ticket. Death has been worked over and the current death plane system appears to be worki...
02:37 PM Bug Tracker Bug #152: Back gates of Champions keep
I confirmed this 7 yo bug report is still valid on the live servers. My hazy war memory tells me it got locked during...
02:09 PM Bug Tracker Bug #88 (Closed): String Spiders entanglement working oddly.
went to the underdark. played with a bunch of string spiders. confirmed they can entangle if not immune, have freedom...
01:29 PM Bug Tracker Bug #120 (Resolved): Map of Elysia not working 100%
Closed for now as this is as currently intended, but I put it in the players idea box as I'd like to see expanded map...
12:59 PM Bug Tracker Bug #107 (Closed): Tiny helmets on wemics
As per the most recent discussion on this topic (
"Fixing the he...

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