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04:07 PM Bug Tracker Bug #630 (New): No animals in Rowen Animal Sanctuary for PC's to tend to
Buck Rowen's brother, T'Rell, tends to wounded animals being sent to Sanctuary (A separate druid/ranger quest) When...


12:40 PM Bug Tracker Bug #574: Broken quest? - dagath order of life in mikona
Pathos Street CCC wrote:
> Was not able to do the Dagath order of life quest.
> Level 22, accepted quest severa...
12:16 PM Bug Tracker Bug #627 (In Progress): Cavern of Rest, Southeastern Deglos - Spelling error in Dagath worshipper special script
When you enter the initial large cavern (2 maps north of Fort Hammerworker), before entering the dungeon, in the sout...


07:40 PM Bug Tracker Bug #623 (New): Casting and artificing problems with Greenfire druid spell
Not sure if these are separate bugs - I'll split them off if so.
Casting of Greenfire (Druid level 3 spell) trigge...


04:08 AM Bug Tracker Bug #612: Druid cannot use wands via Spellcraft ability
Note that although this appears to be functioning as it is written in the wiki, it appears that other types of caster...


05:37 AM Bug Tracker Bug #613 (New): Druid artificed wands of Faerie Fire actually cast Acid Fog
Acid Fog is not in the pallete for druids, and shouldn't be able to be made into wands anyway (Wiz spell of 6th Circl...
05:19 AM Bug Tracker Bug #612 (New): Druid cannot use wands via Spellcraft ability
Although offworld on Ysgard and Arkaz this is coded differently, on Avlis a druid with enough spellcraft ranks should...


08:02 AM Bug Tracker Bug #537 (New): Umbralella creates a dwarf barbarian instead of a Shadow Fiend
My SD PC Slide found an umbrella (fashion accessory) item for sale at a PC merchant (One of the merchants in the Bloo...


01:28 AM Bug Tracker Bug #453 (New): Improved Invis from item caster or cast spell causes odd server message
Was in Flame Hold - activated Imp. Invis.1/day from Mantle of the Raven. received server message of "Script NW_S0_Im...


03:01 PM Bug Tracker Bug #92 (Resolved): Junk processor in Mikona recycle center gives non-specific recycled ARG component when mangled hide recycled.
attempted to recycle an Average Piece of Relatively Intact Scavenger Beast Mangled Hide. paid 1200 gp, Junk recycler ...

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