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08:24 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1221 (New): Description of the Lesser Dusty Rose Ioun stone is no longer correct
The description of the lesser Dusty Rose ioun stone is no longer correct, it states that your AC is raised with +1, b...


12:18 PM Bug Tracker Bug #198: Floating Trees
looked, couldn't find a flaoting tree.


07:53 AM Bug Tracker Bug #341 (Closed): adamantium thread recipe seems to be out of balanace
the adamantium thread recipe seems to be out of balance, it uses only one metal component to three additive componen...


06:30 AM Bug Tracker Bug #324 (Resolved): Lootorder roll seems to pick the same person last a lot.
the lootorder roll seems to pick the same person the last a lot.
On the last few Pubcrawls after the lootorder roll ...


06:16 PM Bug Tracker Bug #294: Masterwork Gorgon Boots with incorrect description.
It seems this applies to all the boots made by the new crafting update, they all have the gargoyle boots description.


02:04 AM Bug Tracker Bug #297 (Resolved): The Privateer Enterprises Alteration Machine doesn't alter cloaks
The Privateer Enterprises Machine doesn't alter cloaks from what I know Hamlet copied the Dunster Smith (Equaloria), ...


01:57 PM Bug Tracker Bug #148: Token collector gives TMI
I have the same thing happing with Vaako only this time it's with the Gem token merchant in Mikona oh and here it are...
01:54 PM Bug Tracker Bug #199: Token level hand in (Not a bug)
Do you know what your Blacksmithing level was at the time? besides looking at you weapon or armor skill, the metal re...

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