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12:18 PM Bug Tracker Bug #198: Floating Trees
looked, couldn't find a flaoting tree.


07:53 AM Bug Tracker Bug #341 (Closed): adamantium thread recipe seems to be out of balanace
the adamantium thread recipe seems to be out of balance, it uses only one metal component to three additive componen...


06:30 AM Bug Tracker Bug #324 (Resolved): Lootorder roll seems to pick the same person last a lot.
the lootorder roll seems to pick the same person the last a lot.
On the last few Pubcrawls after the lootorder roll ...


06:16 PM Bug Tracker Bug #294: Masterwork Gorgon Boots with incorrect description.
It seems this applies to all the boots made by the new crafting update, they all have the gargoyle boots description.


02:04 AM Bug Tracker Bug #297 (Resolved): The Privateer Enterprises Alteration Machine doesn't alter cloaks
The Privateer Enterprises Machine doesn't alter cloaks from what I know Hamlet copied the Dunster Smith (Equaloria), ...


01:57 PM Bug Tracker Bug #148: Token collector gives TMI
I have the same thing happing with Vaako only this time it's with the Gem token merchant in Mikona oh and here it are...
01:54 PM Bug Tracker Bug #199: Token level hand in (Not a bug)
Do you know what your Blacksmithing level was at the time? besides looking at you weapon or armor skill, the metal re...

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