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11:05 PM Bug Tracker Bug #617: Implosion kills allies
Not a bug. Implosion is supposed to kill allies.
11:05 PM Bug Tracker Bug #232: Snillocs snowball swarm ignores spell resistence
Corrected in
10:59 PM Bug Tracker Bug #263: Benign Transport made merchants hostile
Figured out the issue. Should be corrected in
FYI it was a problem with the signal event - it wasn't takin...
10:47 PM Bug Tracker Bug #858: Resistance (spell) using turns (minutes) instead of rounds for duration.
Corrected in SHS
10:44 PM Bug Tracker Bug #638: Isaac's Greater Missile Storm fires an abnormally high amount of missiles
Looks like the wiki description was never updated to reflect the SHS hooked version.
IGMS should be:
2 missiles p...

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