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07:54 PM Bug Tracker Bug #942 (Closed): Orc Custom Creator - Incorrect Stats
Quoting Gorgon from Discord:
"When choosing Orc as the race, it further modifies it by +1 STR to get the +3 STR, -2 ...


01:24 PM Bug Tracker Bug #125 (Resolved): Issues with redone hills/new dungeon in Mikona
Gonna close this out - if it's still a problem then we can reopen.
12:51 PM Bug Tracker Bug #920 (Closed): Nelthrope Smithy Quest
Verified that this was simply a mixup regarding which NPC was the quest giver in that area. The quest is working as ...


06:35 PM Bug Tracker Bug #896 (In Progress): Manual of Golems: Adamantium creates a Mithril golem instead
05:52 PM Bug Tracker Bug #885 (In Progress): Dead Sawhorses in the Waynbleck Vale Siege Workshop
05:47 PM Bug Tracker Bug #612 (Closed): Druid cannot use wands via Spellcraft ability
This is working as intended - for other classes it is bugged. See #409.
05:38 PM Bug Tracker Bug #155 (Closed): Buffs repeatedly drop
Closing this out because it is likely a duplicate of #404.
05:36 PM Bug Tracker Bug #408 (Closed): Random spells stripped in spider caves
Closing this because it is basically a duplicate of #404.
05:32 PM Bug Tracker Bug #394 (Closed): Gate Summons Dispels Itself
Closing because it's a duplicate of #334.
05:15 PM Bug Tracker Bug #209 (Closed): Create magic Tattoo doesn't give Fort save increase
Same as bug #194, so closing this one out.

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