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02:21 PM Bug Tracker Bug #215 (Closed): Fort Tauton, Patrol Headquarters, and Moderith'Avenger
Assist DMs can now make new keys for Avenger PCs who need them. Please see this post for details: http://www.avlis.o...
05:56 AM Bug Tracker Bug #494 (In Progress): Visible ambient message trigger in "Eastern T'Nanshi, Outer Hel'Byssia."
05:15 AM Bug Tracker Bug #658 (In Progress): 'Gloves of Weapon Prowess' ability not working properly after reset.


02:10 AM Bug Tracker Bug #664 (Closed): Deadly Spike Trap Kit can be sold
Deadly Spike Trap Kit is a standard Bioware item, which means we can't change it. I checked the toolset and you're r...
01:59 AM Bug Tracker Bug #656: Debug code in Elysia spider caves??
@[Vichan-Lyonsen](user:158) did this get resolved? I thought a fix went in, but am not 100% sure.


03:20 PM Bug Tracker Bug #665 (Closed): Jali's Reading Glass doesn't provide the expected Lore bonuses
You were misinformed - the bonuses are as Lucidic described.
The INT bonuses to the hide are the same as a PC woul...
12:04 PM Bug Tracker Bug #129 (Resolved): Tria does not recognise Flossie
12:00 PM Bug Tracker Bug #627 (Resolved): Cavern of Rest, Southeastern Deglos - Spelling error in Dagath worshipper special script
11:58 AM Bug Tracker Bug #333 (Resolved): Typo in Deptury Tom's Moonshine description
11:47 AM Bug Tracker Bug #393 (Resolved): /settag DM function does not respect case sensitivity

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