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03:18 AM Bug Tracker Bug #825 (In Progress): Missing store script in Temple of Dre'Ana
This was reported by a player in the Discord help room (Pharmeacopia).
Amenia Le'tiend (highdreanapriest.dlg) in t...


12:55 PM Bug Tracker Bug #740 (Resolved): ROTE (Wilderness) - "Donations Barrel" removing items from PC inventory
This was "reported in avlis-help on Discord":


05:11 PM Bug Tracker Bug #117 (Resolved): New TMI error in server log
Wow, nope. This could have been closed a long time ago.
I don't remember if it needed a fix, or just resolved itse...


07:48 PM Bug Tracker Bug #426: Changeling forms memorized deleted upon entering Visimontium server
Closed (resolved + fixed - unable to reproduce) after restarting servers [Deglos and Visi] apparently fixed the issue...


11:58 PM Bug Tracker Bug #422: Psionics Clairsentience powers duration notification
I could only test this on QA, since I don't have a live psion to use.
All 3 powers lasted exactly 10 minutes for m...


12:20 PM Bug Tracker Bug #418: too many instruction script errors - in wilderness
Closed as a duplicate of issue #390


06:35 PM Bug Tracker Bug #419: too many instruction script errors - in wilderness
This is often a symptom of the server needing a reset, after being up for too long.
While there is obviously an is...


11:21 PM Bug Tracker Bug #414: Problem with XP and cap
1) XP from the party reward after NFM doesn't come off your cap (though it does count for reducing next week's cap, i...


07:29 PM Bug Tracker Bug #397: Invalid Deity
The DB entry probably still needs to be added to the live one. No reset will be required after that, so as soon as so...


06:33 PM Bug Tracker Bug #412: Druid Elder Elemental Shape does not use Elder Elemental modal
As I mentioned when you asked about this in IRC, this isn't a bug, but simply the current model used. There are many ...

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