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06:42 AM Bug Tracker Bug #662: Toymaker's House Quest Dungeon Appears either broken or incomplete.
Feature requests probably should be made on the forum, or anywhere outside of a closed bug report. Normal checks of t...


09:34 AM Bug Tracker Bug #87 (In Progress): Dimension Door from wand can go through walls
09:26 AM Bug Tracker Bug #55 (Resolved): Cleric Protection Domain
Avlis modified all divine abilities that are not tied to spellhooking at the end of 2013, though the update wasn't me...


12:34 PM Bug Tracker Bug #423 (In Progress): Small Crypt area does not have the correct OnEnter / OnExit scripts
Looks like this fix was reverted, so it needs another fix.


12:18 AM Bug Tracker Bug #337: Areas with incorrect terrain settings (improper weather/fog, feat bonuses and more).
Updated moneo list of *Areas With Underground Weather (Terrain Set To "Exterior" And "Underground")*
_Note: It also ...


06:49 PM Bug Tracker Bug #991 (Closed): Difference in date across servers
Since I can't find anything that would cause the times to unsync (besides it being changed manually, which is unlikel...
06:39 PM Bug Tracker Bug #942: Orc Custom Creator - Incorrect Stats
I didn't want to assign it to myself since things are moving pretty slowly on my end as far as backlogged stuff alrea...


01:58 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1000: mehiginus Tree
The respawn time for that is quite a bit faster, unless I'm missing something. This is the one in "Elysia Outskirts N...


06:16 AM Bug Tracker Bug #991: Difference in date across servers
Was Mikona still a day behind after a restart?


11:40 PM Bug Tracker Bug #950: Trash cleanup (cleartrash.nss) doesn't run when a PC logs out
But they're all your records! :smiley:

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