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05:03 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1158 (In Progress): Psionic metamorphosis alt forms are no longer working
05:02 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1158: Psionic metamorphosis alt forms are no longer working
On it. I know what the issue is. fix is pretty simple.
05:48 AM Bug Tracker Bug #1202: Message: PSPs restored to maximum after resting on non-psion
Three things to check/report:
1) was the last action taken before resting (when that rest resulted in the PSP mess...


03:46 PM Bug Tracker Bug #1190 (Resolved): Psionic items don't like looking inside inventories
Recent Psionic Dimension Door fix overlooked targeting of items in inventories by psionic powers, and so use of power...


08:35 PM Bug Tracker Bug #963: Psi-Clone throws error
I can't replicate this with my psion (both Deglos & Wilderness), and I doubt this is an issue with the ps_psychclone ...


06:28 PM Bug Tracker Bug #961 (New): CTS: befriending a horse turns it into a boar
Companion Training System.
After riding a horse for a while, my PC dismounted, and befriended the horse. The horse...
03:46 AM Bug Tracker Bug #953 (Closed): Another possible minor exploit found
This is not a bug. Stacking these augments has been possible since the meditation crystals were introduced. So long a...


01:55 PM Bug Tracker Bug #820 (Closed): Pisonics and Lycanthrophy don't play nice together
Psionics and lycanthropy have been incompatible - *by design* - for as long as Avlis has had psionics afaik. This was...


04:58 PM Bug Tracker Bug #156: Psychic Clone issues
I propose closing this bug report. I have not encounter it myself, and a search of both Deglos & Mikona fails to turn...


07:40 AM Bug Tracker Bug #646: Broken text commands for extended Dimension Door
Not a bug. Chat commands have been changed. Wiki update in progress.

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