Bug Tracker Wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to assist you, the player, with your use of this Bug Tracker.

User Interface Familiarity

At the top of the screen, you should see a menu item called 'Projects'. Going to that page will display the project called 'Bug Tracker'. Within the 'Bug Tracker' project, you'll see a row of sub headings, starting with either "Overview" or a plus sign "+". The plus sign only shows up when you are logged into your user account. The Wiki sub heading is how you get to this Wiki page. If you are on this page, you are already in the Bug Tracker project and should be able to see the sub headings.

Each bug report is called an 'Issue'. And when you add a comment to a bug report, it is called a 'Note'.

When you fill out a text box for a bug report or a comment, you can use Textile markup to do formatting in addition to the formatting buttons on the top of the text box.

User Accounts

A user account is not required to browse existing bug reports or this wiki. However, you must be logged into a user account to submit a new bug report.

New User Account

To make a new user account, click the Register button in the upper right corner. Be sure to use a valid email address, it is required for password reset and notification emails.

You can only have one user account per email address. So, if you get an error about that email address already existing, then use the Lost Password feature to recover your username and set your password.

User Accounts Migrated from Mantis Bug Tracker

We imported the usernames and associated email addresses from all user profiles in the old Avlis Bug Tracker (Mantis), so if you had an account on the old Avlis Bug Tracker, you have the same username here and do not need to create a new user account. In that case, you can use the "Lost My Password" feature on the Sign In page to do a password reset. We did not import passwords, which is why you have to set it.

Lost Password Recovery

Go to the Sign In link in the upper right. On that page, you can select 'Lost my Password'. When you do the Lost Password function, it will send an email to the email address defined in your user profile. In that email will be your username along with a link that will allow you to (re)set your password.

Submit a new Bug Report

The plus '+' sign subheading becomes available once you login and clicking on the plus sign will drop down a menu where you can select 'New Issue'. That is how to start a new Bug Report (New Issue). Read Starting a New Bug Report for more information.

View Existing Bug Reports

The 'Issues' subheading is how you view the list of all existing Bug Reports. You can search and sort the bug reports by many fields. Click on the bug report ID number to view an individual bug report.

Adding a comment to an existing Bug Report

If you want to add a comment to an existing bug report, select the bug report and then click the Edit button in the upper right of the bug report to open a box where you can enter your comment.

Click Save when you are done.

Get notified when changes are made to an existing Bug Report.

Your user profile has options to define when you will be notified about changes to bug reports. Notifications are emailed to the email address defined in your user profile. Generally, if you are the author of a bug report or you've added a note (comment) to a bug report, you will be notified when there are any changes to that bug report. However, if you are not the author and have not made a comment, you can use the 'Watch' option to be notified about changes to the bug report. To do that, view the bug report, and click on 'Watch' in the upper right.

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