Bug #963

Psi-Clone throws error

Added by xiaou tuzi 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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I've summoned a psi-clone but not dominated it. It's standing there, non-hostile. Error is: Script ps_psyclone, OID:ffffffff, Tag: , ERROR: TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS

The only potion/spell/manifested power effect on my PC is stoneskin. Area is Underdark of Southern Avlis, Goblinoid Village.


#1 Updated by xiaou tuzi 4 months ago

Summoned psi clones are also not timing out / dissolving once created. Another one is standing guard just outside of the goblinoid village in one of the "Underdark of Southern Avlis" areas.

#2 Updated by xiaou tuzi 4 months ago

Had this happen on wilderness server yesterday. It just so happened I was adding a lot of map pins to wilderness yesterday, similar to my adding a lot of map pins to the underdark when I first saw and opened this.

#3 Updated by Calzier CCC 4 months ago

I can't replicate this with my psion (both Deglos & Wilderness), and I doubt this is an issue with the ps_psychclone script directly as that hasn't been edited in years. My guess is that the TMI is being caused either by something about your PC that is different to mine, or that it's an issue with one of the external functions called by this script.

Could you provide more details about your PC - what classes do you have, for instance? Does this happen every time you try Psych Clone, or only sometimes?

#4 Updated by xiaou tuzi 4 months ago

Hello and thanks for looking into this. My character is fighter (4)/monk(24)/psion(12) and the only servers I've seen this on are Underdark and Wilderness. I have tested a clone on M'Chek earlier today and did not have the issue. Wilderness was reset today and I have just tested (twice) and confirmed that psiclone is working fine since the reset. A couple hours prior to the reset I had the issue on Wilderness server. In what I have seen either the issue happens every time, or not at all.

I was in the Underdark earlier today and can confirm the issue happens there every time. I have run into an old clone still in the Underdark so I know it hasn't been reset since I reported this. There are probably five of them dotted around the Underdark. Had it confirmed by DM Ambrosia that Underdark was just reset, went to test and issue still occurs: ps_psychclone, OID: fffffffd, Tag: , ERROR: TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS

I think somehow the issue is related to creating a bunch of new map pins all at once since the issue seems to correlate to servers I have aggressively mapped in a short amount of time. I have approximately 212 in M'Chek, no issue but this was not done in one day, 227 in TNanshi (done in one day, had issue till reset) and and unknown but probably greater than 227 created in Underdark (over 200 pins added in one day for sure, and this is where issue was first seen). Total pins on Underdark today is 257.

Correlation isn't causation as they say but my wild, unsubstantiated guess is the psi-clone duplicates the record of all of your pins (maybe just copies the entire .bic when it doesn't necessarily need everything) and exceeds some kind of limit until a module reset cleans up how the information is stored, clears memory on the VM putting it into a database, something.

Since Underdark is confirmed reset and the issue still occurs I don't know. You'll find the copy of my PC just inside the Tnanshi entrance on the Underdark server.

#5 Updated by xiaou tuzi 4 months ago

Checked clone on all servers. Clone works fine now everywhere except Underdark.

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