Bug #163

Spider caves gives TMI error

Added by badjabadjabadja Player over 7 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Saw 4 TMI's appear on Elysia server:  checked with someone I knew and their group was in the spider caves. 

On entering the spider caves, taking the first transition down on the left gives the TMI:

Script reg_onenter, OID: 80003caf, Tag: , ERROR: TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS

Repeated upon leaving.

Confirmed by popping down to check later.

Imported from Mantis Bug ID 123.


#1 Updated by Korennya CCC over 2 years ago

Ran through entire spider caves, and the transition specifically mentioned. Was not able to generate an TMI at that time. Server was empty. One person party. Perhaps it requires a larger party to trigger the TMI error.

#2 Updated by Gorgon CCC over 2 years ago

RCon triggered this same error a week or so ago when logging in to one of the areas there (my bad for not reporting it sooner).

#3 Updated by Korennya CCC over 2 years ago

I'll pull the live script and look it over. Given that it's not happening all the time and doesn't seem to be tied to a specific area in the caves it's gonna be a pain to figure out what the deal is.

#6 Updated by Hamlet QA & PH 9 months ago

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