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Portal From Server to Server Sends Me to Wrong Start Locations

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Every time I try and use a portal (whether it be a server transition or a paid portal) I will randomly get sent to different areas of the map. For example, When I pay to portal to Vissimontium, I will start in the newby area, then go to the plough and scythe inn, instead of being portalled into the portal hub. I just used the portal to go to the underdark, and I ended up at "The underdark of Southern Avlis" rather than the main city portal. Happens a lot more often recently. If I use a server transition, I will sometimes be transitioned to the last place I was when I left the server during a prior stint. For example, transition from M'Chek to Wilderness, Wilderness will send me to the entrance to Deglos, or sometimes the Elysia transition. Or the newbie area as well.


Right now, as we speak... I portal-ed from the Shrine to Ptah (Underdark Server) to Visimontium. Tried to Portal Back to the Underdark in order to go back to the City, Verlog, and kept getting sent back to the same portal at the Shrine to Ptah. The portals stayed active, meaning I could keep using them over and over again. ((If it matters, yes I am CE and yes it will normally portal me to the city... Just at the start area and not the portal area like it should.))

Second Edit

I haven't heard anything about this recently, can anyone give me an update as to whether this is a bug, or is it a corrupted character file?

Thanks for the help.

Also, I don't know if you can read the comments I posted...

GSID: JayBee184
Character Name: Kobe

Imported from Mantis Bug ID 119.

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