Bug #1020

Message received in server window while casting any spell

Added by Julien Dark 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

Modules Affected:
Systems Affected:
Magic System, Psionics
Steps to Reproduce:

Casting a spell on every server. It happens each time I cast any spell, no matter the level.


My character, Julien Dark, is a rank 1 psi-mage. Whenever I cast a spell, a message appears that reads "You do not have sufficient PSPs to augment your spells."

The message appears even when I have Augmentation toggled off. I've tried toggling it on, then off immediately prior to casting a spell, and the message still appears. Furthermore, when I do have augmentation toggled on, I can cast a spell and the proper number of PSPs is deducted from my total.

This may not be a crucial issue, but I wonder if it means I'm missing some line of code or other. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


#1 Updated by Julien Dark 3 months ago

EDIT: As of this log-in, on M'Chek, I now can't seem to turn augmentation off. Despite repeatedly toggling the /ams psi augment off command, and receiving a message in the server window confirming that augmentation is already turned off, my spells are all being augmented. I'll try this on other servers to confirm.

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